Expert Witness For Quantum For Arbitration

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Expert Witness For Quantum For Arbitration

The duty of the Expert Witness is to provide an independent opinion to the Arbitrator and is required to maintain his impartiality when carrying out his duty in representing one, or both, of the parties involved in the Arbitration.

At White Consulting, we are mindful of the inherent complexity of disputes, and we know that it is essential that these complexities are fully understood, so that our clients can be represented in the best possible way whilst maintaining our duty to the Arbitrator. With a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge, gained from many years working in the global construction and civil engineering industry, our clients benefit from experience and proactive, problem solving approach to the key issues.

To present a claim, a detailed analysis will be undertaken and then a clearly evidenced and logical report will be prepared to comply with legal instructions in order to support our client’s case.

We have an excellent success rate, which can be demonstrated from commissions undertaken for satisfied clients.

White Consulting is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates but service our clients across the Middle East.

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