White Consulting specialises in all aspects of dispute resolution, claims consulting and contract and commercial management services across all industry sectors. Our varied client list includes: developers, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, insurance companies, legal firms and individuals.


Our services include:

The Expert’s duty is to provide an independent opinion to the Arbitrator and is required to maintain his impartiality when carrying out his duty in representing one, or both, of the parties involved in the Arbitration.

At White Consulting, we are mindful of the inherent complexity of disputes, and we know that it is essential that these complexities are fully understood, so that our clients can be represented in the best possible way whilst maintaining our duty to the Arbitrator. With a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge, gained from many years working in the global construction and civil engineering industry, our clients benefit from experience and proactive, problem solving approach to the key issues.

To present a claim, a detailed analysis will be undertaken and then a clearly evidenced and logical report will be prepared to comply with legal instructions in order to support our client’s case.

We have an excellent success rate, which can be demonstrated from commissions undertaken for satisfied clients.

Dispute resolution is a complex subject that relies on objective, technical advice and a clear understanding of the practical and contrasting elements of a dispute, and the requirements of respective parties, in order to identify appropriate strategies.

White Consulting offers the full remit of services relating to Dispute Resolution and Dispute Management, including strategies on how to avoid disputes, claims advice and the exploring of alternative options. From the review of a claim, to the preparation of informal and formal claim submissions, White Consulting’s objective is to deliver quality, detailed investigations, comprehensive analysis and practical advice.

Whether it is advising on formal dispute processes, amicable settlements or providing alternatives for negotiation, we strive to deliver realistic dispute resolution services to meet the requirements of our clients.

White Consulting has substantial experience in devising claim strategies, gained on major international construction projects where comprehensive analysis with the most cost-effective solutions have been provided.

The complexity of claims means that competing issues and options must be examined in detail, and it is therefore important to adopt a methodical approach in identifying and appraising all aspects of a claim. Whilst identifying the big picture, at an early stage, it is important to leave no stone unturned and aim to establish the elements of a claim, and formulate a suitable, robust, claim strategy in order to maximise the chance of an early resolution for our clients, and if resolution is not possible, a suitable method of formal dispute resolution.

White Consulting has substantial experience in devising claim strategies, gained on major international construction projects where comprehensive analysis with the most cost-effective solutions have been provided.

The management of commercial and contractual risk in construction and civil engineering works is imperative if a project is to be successful. At White Consulting, we appreciate that businesses will face financial problems if risk is not managed effectively, and that reducing and mitigating risk is a crucial factor in increasing commercial performance and maximising margins. We also know that if risk has not been appropriately managed, costly disputes can arise and the larger the project, the more inherent the complexity, which in turn compounds the likelihood of claims.

Understanding commercial and contractual risk and managing it effectively is a key component of every successful project, especially if time-consuming and costly claims are to be avoided. Our risk management knowledge allows us to identify the key drivers of risk, and to develop and employ targeted strategies to mitigate such risk in order to enhance profitability for our clients.

We are experienced in advising upon contracts and effects of variations and claims, with particular emphasis on cost control and risk management.

We can assist by analysing contractual issues, explaining and ensuring the client understands the position and if necessary recommend a strategy to overcome or mitigate risk and resolve potential dispute.

The commercial management of construction and civil engineering work is a complex business with each scheme presenting a unique challenge.

We can assist with all aspects of contract documentation, project finance and budget reconciliation and control, and business administration. The extent of our experience, served in the industry, means that we can bring our knowledge and expertise to the table to assist our clients in managing all aspects of their projects.

We can also assist in the preparation of final accounts, the assessment and negotiation of claims for additional payment and can advise on the effective and efficient procurement of contracts within a project portfolio to ensure the client’s time and cost restraints are met.

At White Consulting, we offer reliable, objective advice and we strongly believe that a proper understanding of our client’s needs is critical in enabling us to offer appropriate and workable solutions. We know that it is important to understand the requirements and objectives of our clients, and therefore we like to undertake discussions regarding the options and strategies, in order to devise personalised, bespoke, comprehensive, solutions.

Whether the matter involves financial, contractual or technical aspects of a project, White Consulting has the skills and in-depth knowledge to assist, and we also enjoy a challenge! Construction and civil engineering is a diverse industry, and we cannot list every single aspect of our work here, so please contact us today to discuss your project and see how we can support you in achieving your specific goals.


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